Mission Statement

The New Zealand Grappling and Wrestling Association (NZGAWA) has been established by some of New Zealand’s most experienced combat sports people and organisations. We have at our disposal major promotional capabilities, as well as combat sports suppliers, IT services, and the support and backing of commercial entities. Our people are committed and will operate the new organisation at real time and in relation to current needs and requirements.

The purpose of this new association is to establish an organisation that meets the current requirements of grapplers and wrestlers and is operated by the clubs with equal decision making rights. The new organisation recognises the difficulties with minority sports and the hard financial times clubs face. The key to the success will be majority decides majority rules with decision making with all member clubs representatives input being welcomed.

We will have zero club and competitor registration fees and operate automated systems that include online registrations, computer match making and recording of results.

The new association already includes all current South Island wrestling clubs and we have received inquiries from grappling clubs wanting to join from through out New Zealand. We are working on establishing new wrestling clubs throughout New Zealand and have several coaches interested.

Clubs will receive full support and assistance from the NZGAWA, and also purchasing discounts through Fight Times, a major supporter of combat sport in New Zealand.

We intend to expand clubs nationally through our network of combat sports members and their facilities, as well as training new coaches and establishing clubs in their locations. We will welcome all clubs and competitors to join up and compete at our tournaments.

The priorities are to get grappling and wrestling automated, up with the times, and user friendly, as well as cut out all unnecessary costs to the club and the competitor. Clubs will be encouraged to conduct tournaments under the new organisation and take advantage of all the new and automated recourses at their disposal.

Times have changed, new combat sports codes have come on board, and the economy requires constant consideration in regards to clubs’ and members’ financial demands. National and international sporting situations have changed by considerable and technology offers many benefits and we must keep up with the times as well as take advantage of all advances in technology that will allow for improvements and reduce required resources.

The most important thing is our people and that they are all committed to improving and advancing our combat sports, free of conflicts of interest, hidden agendas and politics, majority rules, majority decides, in an organisation owned and operated by its participants.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee responsible for the establishment of Grappling and Wrestling New Zealand are made up of representatives from the South Canterbury, Rangiora, Crichton Cobbers, and Combat Sports School clubs.

Democratic Operational Decision-Making Process

Grappling and Wrestling New Zealand will operate an online referendum decision-making process for association operational decision-making. This will be achieved by emailing the delegate from each club the proposal to be voted on. They will be given a time-frame to go back to their committee and place their vote. Majority votes will be the decider.

Membership Certificates

Clubs registration certificates will be issued by email so clubs can have them printed for display in their gym.

News & Events

Clubs, remember you can register and it’s free. We encourage you to link your club website to the Grappling and Wrestling New Zealand website. Make sure you email us your tournament dates and information for the events calendar.

Obviously, different events promoters will employ varied grappling rules and this is fine under Grappling and Wrestling New Zealand’s banner, as long as all clubs and competitors are aware and safety is paramount.